Meaningfulquotes4u will stop posting

I’m sorry to tell you guys that I will not be able to post anymore on this profile and will delete it because of not having the time to post anymore….

April Fools!!! I hope all you guys had a great and fun April Fool’s day, and to live life with joy, and occasionally, some humor mixed inside to keep life light and fun.

Stand up for what is right.

Not everything starts out great. It takes time and struggle, but it can be done.

You have to move on and look towards the future. Whatever happened can’t be changed, but you can make it up by living a better life from now on.

Take some risks. You never know, maybe you’ll find somethung you really like.

Follow your dreams.

Persistence takes courage, so never give up.

Never be afraid to take risks. Sure, they may make a situation worse, but they can also make it much better. Life’s too short to not take some risks.

Make others happy and yourself at the same time.